Whales and jellyfish: Cartagena and Mar Menor by sailboat

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The night sail from Almerimar to Cartagena weather and sailingwise for the most part pretty uneventful: there were a few ships along the way that we had to keep an eye on but thanks to AIS you could see well in advance where they were and in which direction they are going. Just after sunrise, there was an incredible moment where … Read More

More boatjobs in Almerimar

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After spending a week and half in Almerimar we were ready to move on. But Goodvibes was not, and she is the boss so we had to listen to her. The engine saga continues To begin with, there was still the engine issue: white smoke from the exhaust. Jon had chatted to an engine mechanic and he basically confirmed that … Read More

Life in the boatyard of Almerimar

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Arriving in Almerimar was a big milestone as we had planned to use the marina haul out facilities in order to address some jobs below the waterline. We had no real idea of what it would be like ‘living on the hard’ and how much time the jobs were going to take. So we were quite pleased when we arrived … Read More